All About Doulas

Curious about doulas and what they do?

Learn about the different types of doulas, what they can offer you, and how to find a great fit for your family.

Discover what birth and postpartum doulas do and how they can support families before, during, and after birth.

Find out more about typical doula packages and pricing, and understand how and when to find great doula support that fits your family's needs.

Your Instructor: Hallie Rogers

Hallie Rogers is a certified postpartum doula, lactation educator, and lactation counselor.

She draws on her years of experience supporting women as they welcome new babies and working in the world of childbirth professionals to bring you information you need to determine if a doula might be right for you.

Her company specializes in birth doula and postpartum doula support, while offering families comprehensive, wrap-around care with services tailored to the unique needs of the childbearing time. She loves collaborating with others and believes that when women support women, amazing things happen. You can always connect with her through her website and follow Better Beginnings on Instagram or Facebook.

She lives in Saint Paul with her husband and four children, and her own birth and postpartum experiences provided her with some of her best professional development.

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  All About Doulas
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