Intro to a Healthy Home

We're exposed to thousands of chemicals in our home, and indoor air quality can be 2-5x worse than outdoor air quality.

Unfortunately, the United States doesn't regulate or restrict many of these chemicals, several of which have been linked to health concerns, and so it falls on us as consumers to protect ourselves.

This whole topic can feel completely overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

In this class you'll learn where a lot of these chemicals come from, how to begin reducing your exposure to them, and tips for making the transition easier on your wallet (and your mental health!)

You'll walk away feeling empowered to make lifestyle choices that reduce the impact of harmful chemicals on you, your community, and the environment.

Your Instructor: Dr. Britt Stamer

Dr. Britt Stamer is a registered naturopathic doctor who provides holistic care using a variety of modalities, including nutrition, lifestyle medicine, botanical medicine, supplements, and homeopathy.

She's passionate about helping people feel the best they can by maintaining overall health and wellbeing. By using a holistic approach, she helps her patients connect the dots between various aspects of their health in order to create truly customized treatment plans that honor the uniqueness of each individual.

With a strong interest in the connections between environmental health and human health, Dr. Stamer loves helping people understand how many of their lifestyle choices affect their health, the health of their communities, and the health of the environment.

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  Intro to a Healthy Home
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