Intro to Alignment Practices

What is alignment? You've felt it before. It's that feeling of moving the world forward in your own unique way. It's feeling good in yourself, even if you're going through something painful or setting a boundary that other people are reacting to. It feels solid.

In this class you'll learn some tools to help you live from a place of alignment more often (it's always a work in progress) and strengthen your alignment in order to better show up in your relationships with others.


  • Interactive video lesson with journal prompts
  • Printable guide for notes and additional practices
  • Guidance and exercises to practice alignment with a partner

Your Instructor: Annie Kuensting

With over 10 years of experience in public education, teaching and coaching students, teachers, and administration, Annie began expanding her coaching business in 2017 and founded Beacon Empowerment Strategies.

Her mission is to dismantle any beliefs that are rooted in disempowerment and inequality. Her vision is a world in which all people build aligned lives that are rooted in love and joy, together.

As a life coach, she's here to re-ignite the passion in each and every person, guiding people to remember who they truly are.

You can connect with her at beaconempowerment.net

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  Intro to Alignment Practices
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