Intro to Yoga

This class is for the absolute beginner. No flexibility required!

Before you get started with a yoga practice, get an understanding of the different aspects of yoga, because it's about so much more than the poses.

Then explore an introductory practice to connect with your breath, move your body in an accessible way, and enjoy the deep rest and relaxation of svasana at the end.

Intro to Yoga with Sara Augutsin
Intro to Yoga with Sara Augustin

Your Instructor: Sara Augustin

Sara Augustin is an Alignment yoga teacher with over 600 hours of study and practice with Christina Sell. She holds continued education with the Yoga Tune Up method. She's also currently a student of the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy program.

Her classes are focused on alignment and often have a light hearted, workshoppy feel to them, with plenty of time for demos and questions. She offers 1-on-1 sessions as well, which is a wonderful way for a beginning student to get a customized approach to starting a yoga practice.



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