Intro to Intuitive Eating

Learn how to spot the influences of diet culture (hint: they're all around us) and begin to let go of the ways it's shown up for you.

Explore ways to connect with the wisdom of your body and honor food for all of the benefits it provides, not just nutrition.


  • 60 minute video lesson
  • Printable workbook for capturing your reflections
Intro to Intuitive Eating
Intro to Breathwork with Amy Kuretsky

Your Instructor: Nellie Brau

Nellie holds a master’s degree in holistic health, and for over 7 years, has supported thousands of clients as a holistic health coach in both corporate wellness and private practice. Nellie completed her health coach training at the Mayo Clinic before gaining her distinction as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Nellie is a former adjunct professor at St. Catherine University, where she co-developed and taught the course: Culture, Health, and Healing. Nellie is a registered yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Through holistic health coaching, online courses, and live workshops, Nellie works with you to dismantle diet culture, break up with the exhaustion society, and reclaim the time, energy, and money these cultural fixtures robbed from you.

Nellie guides you to food freedom, body liberation, and wellbeing through intuitive eating and holistic living. Using Ayurveda as a self-reflective tool, Nellie specializes in moving you from ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to unearthing your true self. Nellie’s work is centered on the belief that your wellbeing vision is of radical importance and that we can no longer standby while oppressive structures steal or monetize your fundamental right to feel well. Connect with her at Haus of Ojas.



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