Pregnancy Pain Management

Understand what's creating your pregnancy pain and the simple biomechanical changes you can make to enjoy your days more pain free!

Learn simple ways to tackle your pregnancy pain complaints while in the comfort of your home.

Dr. Paige and Dr. Jesse review stretches and techniques you can use for the following concerns:

  • Pubic Symphasis Pain
  • Rib Pain
  • Round Ligament Pain
  • Heartburn
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Tailbone Pain

Your Instructor: Dr. Jesse Lillejord

Meet Dr. Jesse Lillejord, the founder of CHIRO FOR MOMS. She set out to design a clinic experience that addresses women's unique physical needs and their busy schedules. CHIRO FOR MOMS is the result of that vision.

She is a mother of two girls, married to the man she's known for over 20 years. They bought a farm last year + spend most of their time gardening, bon-firing, and prospecting the land.

Her life runs on coffee, she loves to dance + you might catch her painting or renovating the barn [ with her mighty power tools ] on her days off.

Your Instructor: Dr. Paige Ferrazzo

Meet Dr. Paige, a Canadian and the newest member of the SHIRO FOR MOMS / CHIRO FOR KIDZ team!

She’s quirky + smart + lovable + fun! She snowboards, climbs cliffs with her bare hands [ rock climbing ], and in true Canadian fashion - plays hockey.

She loves dogs + humans alike - hence the professional path into chiropractic care + nurturing patients. She’s Italian - so she talks fast - and she’s a bit of an energizer bunny [ she keeps the team hopping ].